The OBAMA 3000 is a national quest to raise money for the President’s reelection campaign.  The challenge:  a 3,000 mile bike trek across America with the goal of attracting 3,000 individual donors for the Campaign.  A $30 donation or a $3,000 donation to the campaign, it does not matter.  What matters is your participation in getting the President elected for a second term and preventing a far-right Republican Party from controlling the White House and Congress—a nightmare scenario.  The money raised will be directly contributed to President Obama’s 2012 campaign through my personal grassroots fundraising page and donations will be accepted on a rolling basis up to the day of the election.

You see, the Obama Campaign is losing the fundraising race.  It seems that the Republicans are so excited about Romney’s nomination  that they are giving record amounts of money.  In truth, they are about as excited as my dog when I bring him to the vet.  The money is from the uber-rich and powerful corporations excited about the Romney campaign’s promise for more tax cuts and further deregulation that will turn their multi-million dollar donations to the Karl Rove Super PAC into hundreds of millions of dollars in personal and corporate profits.  It might help them, but it won’t help you and me, it won’t help the economy, and it won’t help America.  Period.  Democrats, rightly so, have been reluctant to embrace Super PACs, viewing them as a corrupting force that undermines the principles of democracy.  Corporations and wealthy executives are reluctant to donate to a Obama White House that has made clear it’s not a massage parlor:  money doesn’t buy you special favors.

The campaign relies on donations from people like you and me.  Give today by making a donation of any amount or join the donor challenge, and make a donation per each mile biked.

About Jamie Donovan

A graduate of Sidwell Friends School, currently home to Malia and Sasha Obama, I received a B.A. in Political Science from Ithaca College.  I most recently worked as a policy analyst at the World Bank’s Climate Investment Fund in my hometown of Washington, DC.  I am 27 years old and fortunate enough to have a wonderful sister (who fights unconstitutional and racist immigration laws passed by the Republican party in the Southern US) and a terrific mother and father.

For the last four months, I’ve been on a flightless trip around the world (Full disclosure: I cheated, and took one flight from Washington DC to the Caribbean before the idea of foregoing air travel occurred to me). The trip has featured bouts of sea sickness and a broken rudder on a sailing journey across the Atlantic, train thieves in Budapest, questionable decision making involving Mongolian  horses, a journey across the Pacific aboard a nearly 1000 foot cargo ship and a number of other hapless adventures, most of which can be read about on my blog, GringoVacation.com.  The final leg of the journey is from L.A.to Washington, DC before election night on November 6.